Jackie Pritchard
Psychic, Medium / Clairvoyant

Q&A with Jackie Pritchard

What do you do?
I am a psychic, medium & clairvoyant.  I do sit down readings for clients who are wanting to connect with past loved ones and wanting to receive messages from their angels in connection with their love life, career and future developments.  I also assist businesses to get on track with any current obstacles and future prospects. I assist clients to get back on their feet financially and take the correct path to future decisions.

Do you have any special interests?
I help the police on cases involving, missing children/ people, murders and robberies.  I enjoy helping others find their loved ones.

Do share your expertise?
I have been on Carte Blance, Free spirit, Discovery channel and have done various articles for newspapers, magazines and radio stations. I also do regular live shows in Cape Town.

What do you love most about your field?
I enjoy watching my client’s lives transform, their understanding of their marriages, children and business/ career, medical problems and closure on past childhood & relationship problems.  My most precious moment is when I have opened a new door to show people that there is a heaven and after life where they can connect with their relatives and find peace within their soul.  “The eyes are the window to our lives, once opened the light fulfills us”.

Share some defining moments in your career:
Finding missing people and bringing them back to their loved ones.  Assisting the police and families to solve murder cases.
I have helped clients that have been medically misdiagnosed and saved their lives.

About you as an individual:
I have three children, one of 31, 18 and 15 and have wonderful relationships with all three of them, they are my light and I live for their smile and happiness.  I enjoy relaxing after a long day at work and going for walks on the beach with my fiancé where I can listen to the ocean and feel the calmness that it brings within.
I also enjoy been creative and productive.

Your personal inspiration:
I love forests, bridges and marine life, they bring a sense of tranquility and peace within your soul.

My mother was and still is my mentor in the spirit world, she had strength and psychic ability and I watched her from the age of 3.  My development already started from the age of 18 months.

What is your personal to the women of SA:
Strive to do your best.  The door that closes behind you is your past and each day there is a new door that opens to a wonderful future.

The secret to happiness is to be at peace with yourself and love yourself - if you can’t no one can.

Favourite quote:  “I CAN SEE”